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Growing with the Saints

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Sometimes, planning a VBS can seem like a complicated maze. We don’t think it should be. Even though we offer several suggestions for planning your VBS in our VBS Kit, we like to get feedback from all of you out in the field. Our DREs, VBS Coordinators and Volunteers have fantastic ideas for implementing our Totally Catholic VBS Programs! We want to share their ideas with you to help with planning your own Growing with the Saints VBS. Share a great idea! Please send it to Susan Lawson: ideas@growingwiththesaints.com

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Snack Ideas:

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity
Saint Patrick Donut Snake
Use donuts with a hole in the middle, cut in half and turn each half the opposite way from the one before it and join so they touch cut edges. Do this with several and it looks like an undulating snake! All the kids can cut pieces from the “snake” and eat them and pretty soon it has disappeared just like all of the snakes in Ireland! Someone sent a picture of this snack in. We lost the picture but we sure remember the great idea. If this was your great idea please e-mail us.

Source Unknown – if this is your fabulous tip, please let us know.


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