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Sometimes, planning a VBS can seem like a complicated maze. We don’t think it should be. Even though we offer several suggestions for planning your VBS in our VBS Kit, we like to get feedback from all of you out in the field. Our DREs, VBS Coordinators and Volunteers have fantastic ideas for implementing our Totally Catholic VBS Programs! We want to share their ideas with you to help with planning your own Growing with the Saints VBS. Share a great idea! Please send it to Susan Lawson: ideas@growingwiththesaints.com

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Craft Ideas:

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Helping Hands Rainbow
We traced the kid’s hands in crafts on Monday and made a rainbow of helping hands on the wall leading to a pot off gold (black cauldron) which we accepted for donations to help raise money for Nigeria village school tuition.

Cathy Roach, DRE & Jennie Lane, VBS Coordinator

Our Note: While ideal for St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity VBS, this idea can be used for the Assorted Saints and the Parachute with the Angels Programs. Change the black cauldron at the end of the rainbow to a “donation suitcase” with “around the world” travel stickers on it for Assorted Saints or use a big box wrapped in cotton batting to look like a Pennies from Heaven cloud for the Angels VBS.

From all of us at Growing with the Saints, Inc.

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity
Cozy Tube Snake Idea
Change the snake craft to a tube sock snake which all the grades can make (cut tongues for the snake out of red felt, sew or glue them onto the toe part of the sock - done beforehand by an adult) Have children decorate their sock with permanent markers, fill with 1 cup of rice and have adult sew the end. Tell the children that their parents can warm it up in the microwave so they can put it around their neck as a heat wrap.

Eugenia Martinez, Religious Ed. Coordinator

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity
"Million Man" Mitre March
We loved the idea of the Mitre so much that we had all the grades make one.

Eugenia Martinez, Religious Ed. Coordinator


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