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Sometimes, planning a VBS can seem like a complicated maze. We don’t think it should be. Even though we offer several suggestions for planning your VBS in our VBS Kit, we like to get feedback from all of you out in the field. Our DREs, VBS Coordinators and Volunteers have fantastic ideas for implementing our Totally Catholic VBS Programs! We want to share their ideas with you to help with planning your own Growing with the Saints VBS. Share a great idea! Please send it to Susan Lawson: ideas@growingwiththesaints.com

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Activity Ideas:

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Walk a Mile on My T-Shirt
We made our own shirts with the theme on the back and the children's footprints on the back.....very messy and fun!!!! This year we had 136 children!!!!! The ages were 4 year olds to 6th graders. VBS Coordinator & Rel. Ed. Teacher, Allison Gleich, St. Patrick Church

From all of us at Growing with the Saints, Inc.

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Everyday Beach Ball Memory Verse
We used the beach ball memory verse just about each day. The younger kids like repetition and knew what was coming when we brought the ball out.

Cathy Roach, DRE & Jennie Lane, VBS Coordinator

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity
Easy Easter Egg Hunt
For the Easter egg hunt, the kinder put the medals in green eggs and candy in the other eggs. The kids knew they had to find one green egg and one different colored egg.

Cathy Roach, DRE & Jennie Lane, VBS Coordinator

St. Patrick and the Holy Trinity
Lord of the Dance – Sack Races
We purchased sacks from Oriental Trading and had sack races, face painting, water balloon and cake and food for the closing ceremony. (Someone said a Closing Ceremony Play would be great!!! We couldn't pull it together fast enough.) We did have the music director come 2 days and teach the children Lord of the Dance so they would know it at Mass. So much to tell, so little time!!!

Allison Gleich, VBS Coordinator & Rel. Ed. Teacher

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Time Filler - Creative Use of Take Home Pages
I took the pictures on the Take Home Pages and enlarged them. I gave them out to the 4 and 5 year olds to color as they arrived. It gave them something to do as they waited for the others to come. They all like to tell me what they thought the story would be about that day from the pictures they were coloring. They also took the page home and it gave them a reminder of what the story was about.

Karen Evers, Faith Formation Coordinator


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