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The Vatican Express with St. Jerome

Our camp program is the answer to a Catholic dilemma: confusion and challenges by all of the non-Catholic programs and derivatives of Protestant programs claiming to be totally Catholic. We received an imprimatur from the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend guaranteeing the accuracy of Catholic doctrine. Our entire program is written for Catholics by Catholics. If you missed the opportunity to try us last year, DONíT DELAY, TRY US TODAY!!!

Climb aboard The Vatican Express! Meet your tour guide, a member of the Swiss Guard and uncover the Vatican treasures. First stopÖSt. Peterís Square!

Explore St. Peterís Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Meet and greet our Pope. Get to know St. Peter and find out how the Church started. Read about Saint Jerome and his friend, Lion. FUN is just around the corner. Sensational skits, exciting Bible stories, creative crafts and amazing music!
Fasten your seatbelts for the ride of your life! All Aboard the Vatican Express.

Our Catholic Programs ARE Unique:
We believe in teaching the Bible from a Catholic perspective and integrate the sacred traditions of our Church. ďI praise you because you remember me in everything and hold fast to the traditions, just as I handed them on to you.Ē 1 Cor. 11:2 The saints are the Churchís faith heroes and heroines.
In this program we include 4 copies of our saint storybook St. Jerome-Lion Turned Lamb.
St. Jeromeís job was to translate the Holy Bible into a language people could understand. He did this monumental work with only the light of a lantern, using pen and ink. In this story you will meet a wounded lion who was befriended by St Jerome. A beautiful moral is found in this story concerning passing judgment without proof.

The Vatican Express with St. Jerome
Catholic VBS Program 
Complete 5-day format
Our program is written in a five day, three hours per day format and is comprised of four separate grade levels: It can be easily adapted to multi-age groups.

5 Faith Themed Lessons
5 Daily Lessons Reflect the Vatican Theme
Day One: The Holy Father - The Universal Church
Day Two: The Crossed Keys - Papal Succession
Day Three: St. Peterís Basilica - Vatican Treasures
Day Four: The Eucharist - The Greatest Treasure
Day Five: The Monstrance - Be a Missionary
Daily reading from St. Jerome - Lion Turned Lamb entertain, enlighten and call kids to holiness..

Each day is action-packed
Each day includes and Opening Assembly with a DVD, Action/Song DVD, and skits. The campers rotate to a Faith lesson, Bible story, Craft, Game/Activities, Music and Snack station. Each child will take home a Family Corner activity handout to share with their family.

4 Fully Illustrated Storybooks
One copy for each grade level.
St. Jerome - Lion Turned Lamb storybook contains 5 delightful full-color illustrations designed to captivate the interest and strengthen the faith of every child.

Valuable Faith Formation
The Vatican Express Catholic Kidz Camp can be utilized as much more than a one-time summer program. The program content is valuable for Faith Formation. The material can be used by catechists for Religious Education classes, teachersí supplemental material, and for Family/Parish outreach and evangelization.

           The Vatican Express Kidz Camp includes:
Free Pass Clip-Art/Resource CD (sheet music and lyrics included on clipart CD)
Vatican Treasures for Kidz DVD
1 Boogie on the Bus Action/Song DVD
2 Music CDs
1 Camp Director Guide
4 Faith Leader Guides
1 Bible Leader Guide
1 Music Guide
1 Themed Snack Guide
1 Activities/Games Guide
1 Themed Craft Guide
Master Craft Supply List
Eucharistic Adoration
Mass Planning Sheet
Daily Opening Assemblies
Closing Assembly
Peterís Pence Service Project & more . . .

Service Project: Peterís Pence Collection
Peterís Pence Collection is in harmony with a tradition dating back to the Gospel (cf. Lk 10:7) and the teaching of the Apostles (cf. 1 Cor 11:14). At present this collection is taken each year on the Sunday closest to June 29, the Solemnity of both Saint Peter and Saint Paul according to the Roman Catholic Church. This Collection unites us to the Holy See and its works of charity to those in need. Generosity allows the Pope to respond to our suffering brother and sisters, the poor, the abandon, victims of war, natural disasters and more.

Our Peterís Pence Parish Service Project, encourages the children to make donations to help the needy in their parish and community. This collection is a way for children to participate in the work of evangelization. Each day campers are asked to drop coins in the Peterís Pence Parish Collection jars.